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Recently, there has been some confusing information being put into the public space that is incorrect. The people putting this incorrect information out could have simply read the rules & regulations for themselves. The people that are becoming alarmed by this incorrect information, also, could have simply read the rules & regulations.

So, instead of me reading the regulations and telling you what I think they mean, read them for yourselves and see what you think they mean. If you still have questions, call the state board and ask them what they think they mean.

Now, everybody has the same information.

Don't forget that whenever someone tells you something there is a very good chance that they are telling you something to fulfill their own personal agenda or to line their own pockets. Think I'm kidding? Read about the giant fiasco that happened just a few years ago that threw the entire nail industry in Alaska into an uproar. Just because someone holds a particular governmental office doesn't mean that they're a genius. In fact, quite often just the opposite is true.

These were the players in this disaster.

Be safe, be healthy, be happy, and be legal. MetrOasis Advanced Training Center & Beauty School

Rules & Regulations

Sec. 08.13.220. Definitions. In this chapter, (1) "apprentice" means a person who receives on-the-job training under direct supervision; (2) "barbering" means shaving, trimming, or cutting, styling, curling, permanent waving, bleaching, coloring, cleansing, or chemically straightening the beard or hair of a living person for a fee and for cosmetic purposes; (3) "board" means the Board of Barbers and Hairdressers; (4) "body piercing" means puncturing the body of a person by aid of needles or other instruments designed to be used to puncture the body for the purpose of inserting jewelry or other objects in or through the human body, except that, for purposes of this chapter, "body piercing" does not include puncturing the external part of the human ear; (5) "esthetics" means the use of the hands, appliances, cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, or lotions in massaging, cleansing, stimulating, or similar work on the scalp, face or neck, including skin care, make-up, and temporary removal of superfluous hair, for cosmetic purposes for a fee; (6) "hair braiding" means braiding natural hair, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and hair extensions, trimming hair extensions for braiding purposes, and attaching natural and synthetic hair by braiding for cosmetic purposes and for a fee; "hair braiding" does not include styling wigs or making wigs; -9- (7) "hairdressing" means performing, for a fee, the following services for cosmetic purposes: (A) trimming or cutting the beard of a living person; and (B) arranging, styling, dressing, curling, temporary waving, permanent waving, cutting, singeing, bleaching, coloring, cleansing, conditioning, or similar work on the hair of a living person; (8) "instructor" means a person who teaches barbering, hairdressing, manicuring, or esthetics in a school or who supervises an apprentice in barbering, hairdressing, or esthetics; (9) "limited esthetics" means to perform for a fee for cosmetic purposes (A) temporary removal of superfluous hair on the face or neck, including eyebrow arching by use of wax; or (B) application of makeup or false eyelashes. (10) "manicuring" (A) means, for a fee, to (i) cut, trim, polish, color, tint, or cleanse a natural or artificial nail; (ii) affix material by artificial means to a natural nail for the addition to or extension of the natural nail; (iii) cleanse, treat, or beautify the hands or feet for cosmetic purposes; or (iv) otherwise treat the nails of the hand or foot except as provided in (B) of this paragraph; (B) notwithstanding (A) of this paragraph, does not include (i) massage treatment; or (ii) cleansing, treating, or beautifying the hands or feet solely for the treatment of disease or physical or mental ailments;

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